06 October 2008

First Cyclocross event

in the maze
Originally uploaded by Ben McLeod
Nikki and Camper attended their first cyclocross race on Sunday. Liam and I are, of course, veterans.

We all went to the first of the Cross Crusade races; which will take place every Sunday for the next two months. Going in, I knew that I was already interested in trying out a race. It was fun to watch Nikki get increasingly drawn in, until she finally said that she too would like to give this cyclocross thing a try!

The race was fun to watch - lots of mud flying and people sliding - and the venue itself was a fun atmosphere.

The course looked challenging, but doable. There were the requisite obstacles, from stairs to muddy hills, some twisty, turny riding and some fast straightaways.

I'll be gone next weekend, and the Sunday after that, we're celebrating Liam's birthday, so it looks like our next chance to try a race would be Sunday the 25th in Astoria.