16 November 2009

'you're STUPID!'

Hearing test
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The boys had their 3 and 5-year-old check-ups last Thursday and are doing brilliantly (as we are all well aware!).

For the record, Liam weighed in at exactly 38 pounds and 42 inches tall. Camper was 30.25 pounds and 36.5 inches. Should we start making bets now? Will Camper be the bigger of the two? At what point will he catch up? When will he suddenly be 10 pounds heavier?

The clinic only had nasal flu vaccines, so I had to make a choice; seasonal or H1N1. I went with H1N1. We need to go back in a month for the seasonal vaccine.

Additionally, Liam got part two of his Hep-A vaccine. I've written about it before, and many of you have witnessed his reaction to large splinters - so imagine his reaction to the splinter - now multiply by like a gazillion.

I had to plead and cajole with him, and finally, we were engaged in wrestling match right there in the doctor's office. I was amazed at his strength. I ended up putting him in a big bear hug while the MA gave him the shot in his shoulder. He yelled, "you're stupid!" the moment the needle went in - to no one in particular, but he later told me that he did, in fact, direct that word at me.

Other than that one outburst, both boys behaved beyond expectations. The doctor even commented on how well-behaved they were for 3 and 5-year-old-boys. Holy shit. I'm the father of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old.

When did that happen?

04 November 2009


busted .. again
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Yesterday was Camper's THIRD birthday.

It was three years ago today...

We had a pretty chill day. Camper and I went for a ride to the playground so that he could get in a birthday swing, then we had some people over.

A relaxed third birthday.

Some pictures of my boy:

- Campbell; week-by-week
- World, meet Benton Campbell McLeod
- Campbell, the complete collection