01 February 2009

February ride

February ride
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I went out for a small, 15-mile road ride today. It was partly sunny with temperatures in the upper-40's. I was probably a little overdressed, with the exception of my gloves, so I ended up sweating more than I think I would have had it been in the 90's!

I've been riding my commuter bike three days a week to get to work, but that's in Portland, where I'm surrounded by fellow bike commuters and where the Department of Transportation does helpful things like clear the bike lanes of gravel (they have to; Portland has the highest rate of bicycle commuters in the nation, somewhere around 20%!).

Hillsboro, while only 13 miles west of PDX, is a completely different story. What bike lanes exist are covered in gravel, which forced me out into traffic. However, I only had one jacked-up pickup honk at me. The other jacked-up pickups and SUVs just gave me dirty looks (and no elbow room).