31 October 2009

attack of the killer robots

After months of discussion, weeks of back-and-forth, days of planning and hours of blood, sweat and tears, I present Liam and Camper's Halloween 2009 costumes:


They were the hit of our short spin around the block (after about five house, both boys wanted to go home - they wore the helmets for all of a block). People were stopping us to tell us how much they loved them.

It's amazing what you can do with some cardboard, aluminum foil and duct tape!

Last year, two years ago,three years ago, and four years ago.

27 October 2009

under the moon and stars

under the moon and stars
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I like to take pictures at night.

Sometimes I go months without taking pictures at night.

Last night I looked out, saw the moon and the wet roads, and told Nikki that I'd be back in a few hours.

Showers were moving through the area, but so were amazing clear patches of sky. I drove over to a hill in Beaverton that I once drove over and thought "this would be a cool place to take pictures..."

I'm going to have to get out more at night.


I have some more photos on my Facebook page.

21 October 2009

Autumn is the dreamiest time of year

I do so love Autumn.

I miss fall in New England, but I have to say, fall in the Northwest is pretty dang nice.

We've been to a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard, rode our bikes through leaves and had to put our sweaters on for the first time this year.

I like Autumn.

Fall is also when everyone's birthdays happen. Nikki's was in September, Liam's was last week, my Mom's is today (Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!!), and Camper's is in a couple of weeks.

I like Autumn.

I just wish I could find a job...

15 October 2009

OMSI members

Gecko. #OMSI #pdx
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We joined OMSI today.

Nikki's dad bought Liam and Camper (and me and Nikki) a family membership for their birthdays. We weren't going to get it until we came back from upstate-WA at the end of December, but Nikki's school just informed her that this rotation comes with housing; family not welcome...

So... the boys and I will be hanging tough in Hillsboro until Mommy gets home...

I've decided that as fulfilling as the stay-at-home-dad thing has been, we're broke... I need to get a job. Also, I think Camper really needs to be able to hang with other kids on a daily basis - and Liam needs to get into a pre-school program to be ready for next fall (kindergarten!!).

I've already started to look for a job. I'd like to get a job in Portland. My mother can come out to help me deal with the boys until I make enough money to a) move into PDX and b) locate a pre-school for the boys.

10 October 2009

my big FIVE-year-old

my big FIVE-year-old
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Liam turned five today.

So Mommy and Daddy celebrated by bringing the family to the 2009 Fresh Hops Tastival.


We sampled about a half dozen delicious fresh hop beers, from really pale ales to hoppy IPAs. Yummy!

Then we went home, made pumpkin pie (Liam's choice) and had some people over for a little schin-dig.

04 October 2009

Football schmootball

Football schmootball
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We spent the afternoon at the Alpenrose Dairy watching the kick-off to the 2009 Cross Crusade cyclocross series. We were there last year as well.

It was so Portland; coffee, bikes, dogs and kids.

Oh and tattoos. There were lots of tattoos.

And cowbells.

I love the scene - the energy and the vibe. It's why I love Portland so much. Thousands of people show up to cheer on a muddy bike race.

I read that it was the biggest cyclocross race in the U.S., with over 1500 racers (and probably 3000+ spectators).