26 May 2009

crimson [and] clover [over and over]

a crowd
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I've been a bit obsessed with clover recently.

Trifolium incarnatum to be precise.

It began a couple of months ago when I noticed that it was growing in many of the fields that had wheat in them last summer. About a month ago I noticed that this clover seemed to grow taller than the clover I'm used to.

And it has gigantic leaves, such that, when viewed as a whole present a lush, verdant field undulating under the ripples of wind that move across them. I'd be riding my bike on roads with acres and acres of the stuff all around and would find myself starting at it.

A couple of weeks ago, they flowers started to bloom. Slowly, at first, but then, within a few days, the giant, green fields turned to a reddish-purple. While out riding, I stopped and took some pictures in midday sun, with my phone, but I knew I'd have to come back in better light.

Last Friday, at sunset, I went out to capture that golden hour glow in the fields. Standing in the midst of them made me feel like Horton looking for the Whos (I always wondered why he didn't simply leave the clover they were on in the midst of all the other clover - seemed like a safe place to me...).

I believe the clover is planted for the hay, but according to this web site "the main reason is to provide biologically–fixed nitrogen" to the soil.

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