14 August 2009

I'd like a little 2010 Stumpjumper FSR love

Originally uploaded by Ben McLeod
So I just came across this. An opportunity to get a 2010 Stumpjumper FSR now to ride for a year in exchange for blogging about it and maybe taking a few pictures.

I'd be perfect for this. It's what I do. Ride bikes. Take pictures. Blog. Tweet. Facebook. Every Trail.

All that stuff.

It's also perfect because it just so happens that I recently sold my nine-year-old mountain bike and am without such a bike. I feel weird, being down to only a city bike, a road bike and a tandem.

The Stumpjumper could join the McLeod family on our gypsy journey! In a few weeks, the boys and I will meet up with Nikki in San Diego. We'll spend the month of September there and then head to Portland, where it looks like we'll spend most of the next year. It would have been freaking awesome to have it in Bend - but if I get it, I'll certainly make a trip over the Cascades for some riding.

Here are some highlights from my bike ride across America.

In closing
I think I'd make an excellent candidate for
The Stumpjumper Trail Crew because I'm passionate about biking and love sharing my adventures!


alw said...

YES -- Ben would be perfect for this mission! Good luck

nikki mcleod said...

give the boy the bike already!!!! he has earned that thing for sure!

Ben McLeod said...

Anyone who would like to voice their support in my quest may want to leave a comment on this Facebook page.

I don't believe that this will be put up for a vote, but I suppose a little love from the crowd couldn't hurt...