04 September 2009

First MTB ride in 2 years

Yesterday I went on my first mountain bike ride in two years. I rode with my friends Dan and Ryan at Bear Brook State Park. I was riding on Dan's 29-inch Gary Fisher.

It reminded me how much I love mountain biking. Road biking is great and all, but nothing beats tearing down a singletrack. I had a shit eating grin on my face the whole time (especially on the last downhill when Dan let me use his brand new Trek with 6-inches of travel in the front and back! It was pretty dark at that point, which was probably good, as I simply bombed the downhill hooting the entire time!)

My lungs and legs are probably in the best shape they've ever been in, but my skills were a bit rusty. Still, I managed to keep up (or they waited up... whatever). Give me a few more MTB outings and I'll be race-ready!

A few weeks back, I entered a contest to receive a Specialized Stumpjumper (in exchange for blogging about my adventures. Hello? Here's my blog. I am soooo ready!!) and now, more than ever, I am really REALLY hoping I get one. I can't wait to get back out on the trails!

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