09 June 2009

my little punk

'I go ousside!'
Originally uploaded by Ben McLeod
Camper has taken up a charming new way of letting his displeasure be known.

Sticking his tongue out and zurburtting at you - and if you're close enough, he'll take a swing at you. He's deadly serious when he does it, which frankly, makes it all the cuter, and therefore harder to punish (it's hard for the kids to believe you are serious when you're half-laughing).

I'm trying my best to ignore it, but I'm not sure that's the best approach.

He's a tough little guy with a strong personality who won't back down for anything or anyone.I don't think he should have any problems with the McLeod Clan motto: Hold Fast. The Clan Crest is a bullhead between two flag poles with red flags and the motto Hold fast.

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