01 June 2009

Things I've heard from a four-year-old... [Part 1]

  • My brain tells me I need to watch more television - and not a edunacational show!
  • My stomach tells me it needs ice cream.
  • You're not the boss of me. My brain is.
  • I'm the boss of my bike, which means I control where it goes, so you can't tell me which way to go!
  • What's inside a bug?
  • Why doesn't it hurt when it rains? It falls from WAY up.
  • Girls don't have penises. They pee out of their butts.
  • You're not my daddy!
  • I do not like your attitude!
  • Daddy, if you let me watch a fighting show you will get a box of all the camera gear you want.... and sushi...
  • Camper! Do no damage!
[Stay-tuned] There will be more...

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