30 August 2010

Another bikey weekend

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Hey guess what?!

We rode our bikes this weekend!

On Saturday, we rode over to HUB for the Biketobeerfest, a fund-raising, beer-drinking good time. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the beer was yummy. I'm not sure which I liked better; the Totally Radner, a 70% beer, 30% lemonade concoction, or the Gayle's Pale, the first fresh hops beer of the season. The fund-raising was done on behalf of the BTA and Sunday Parkways.

I've been thinking about trying cyclocross for a while now, so yesterday, I raced in the Kruger's Kermesse, a "segway" into cyclocross season. It's on hard-packed dirt roads without any obstacles, so I figured that I could race it on my road bike.

I was wrong, so very very wrong.

In order to deal with the vibrations from the dirt road, I lowered the pressure in my tires, but I think I took out too much air. About 100 feet into the second lap, I pinch flatted-out.

I hopped off my bike, thinking that I'd quickly change the tire. My hands were clenched from a combination of vibrations and nervous energy. So much that I could barely grasp the tire irons. As I sat there, I began to realize that this may be the best bad situation that I could have asked for. If I put that tube in and continued to ride, I'd most likely do more damage to my beautiful, faithful road bike.

I also sat there really, really pissed off, because I had just had a blast riding that one lap and wanted to get back out there.

So my friends, it appears that I'm in need of a new bike. It's time to start looking at cyclocross bikes. I'm thinking that I want a single-speed, but I saw a sweet CX bike at Biketobeerfest that only had one ring up front and 6 or 7 speeds in the back. I really like that set up.

In addition to my participation, Liam raced in his very first bike race! And he finished. All of the cyclocross races have races for the kids, and Liam says he looking forward to racing some more.

Bring on the cyclocross season!

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