02 August 2010

Springwater Corridor Closure

Are you one of the 2500+ people that ride the Springwater Corridor between Sellwood and the Central Eastside (or areas beyond) every day?

Me too.

When I first found out that the Springwater will be closed from 9am to 4pm on Thursday and Friday of this week (August 5th & 6th 2010) for the filming of a TV show, I was a little upset. It seemed odd to me that the city would shut down a major throughway just for the sake of a TV show.

But at this weekend's Sundae in the Park, I was informed of how the closure would work. Just the half-mile section from the Spokane Street entrance to Oaks Park is going to be closed, and Oaks Park Way - which runs parallel to the Springwater - will act as a detour. Trail users will use the ramps at Oaks Park to access the trail again, which will be open.

I made a little map to show how it should work. I hope that helps any of my fellow Springwater commuters!

View Springwater Closing in a larger map

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