14 August 2010

We did it!!

proud of their mommy
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Nikki graduated from her program today!

We arrived in Oregon two years, three months and two days ago so that she could attend grad school at Pacific University to achieve her Masters degree in Science and a certificate to practice as a Physician Assistant.

In the past 824 days, the McLeod family has seen a lot of joy, a fair amount of frustration, more tears than we'd like to admit, bittersweet separations and a whole, WHOLE lot of change.

But here we are. What didn't kill us made us stronger.

We've come away from this experience a better family. My boys are incredible. The amount of change that they've dealt with over the past 117 weeks (which, by the way, is a huge chunk of their lives to-date!) would be enough to discourage most adults.

Nikki is a rockstar. She worked her ass off. It's hard to be a full-time student and incredible mother and an amazing wife. But she did it.

And now she has a Masters Degree, her P.A. Certificate.... and a killer job (at a hospital right here in Portland - so we get to stay in the place that we love!)!

See more pictures from graduation here.

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