10 August 2010

Bear with me

Sorry for the crazy changing blog design!

Bear with me here people. 

I'm playing around with design templates and styles. I kind of liked that bike background, but ultimately did not keep it due to two reasons: 1) I didn't take the picture - while I enjoy selling stock photos, I don't like using them, and 2) it made the page busy and hard to read.

What do you think? Do you care?

I had pretty much forgotten about this blog until Travis Wittwer (blog, blog, Twitter, Flickr) linked to it on his Facebook page. I took a look and felt a bit embarrassed, but also a bit excited (I like writing - it's time I get back on it!) and decided to commit time to my blog again.

So that also means that I obsess over design and style - and look and feel... and all that stuff.

So please. Bear with me.

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