14 July 2008

our beloved Chariot

the Chariot
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We've had the Chariot since shortly before Liam was born (close to four years now) and the thing hasn't let us down yet. It was our main stroller until kid-number-two (Campbell) came along and we needed the services of a tandem-stroller, so now it pretty much lives with the trailer-bar on full-time (it even has a new life as the caboose in our bike train).

If you're looking to buy a trailer, seriously consider a Chariot. It's safety is second-to-none, with big, beefy wheels, a solid aluminum frame and 5-point harness. I can say from experience that it self-rights and the harness holds the kid right in place - explanation: I was walking the bike and trailer around a gate and misjudged the width between two large rocks. A wheel went up on a rock, the trailer started to tip (Liam had a great look on his face; that perfect combination of fear and joy), and I pulled the bike forward, which caused the trailer to right itself (Liam had a relieved look on his face) and land on both wheels.

  • It's a great stroller that will go places most other strollers wouldn't come close to.
  • With the cross-country ski kit attached, it's fun to drag along on a winter adventure.
  • We have a jogging attachment, but never use it because the front wheels for the stroller work fine! And then there's the whole I-don't-run-thing.
  • A sleek, bike trailer that tracks so nicely.

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