14 July 2008

I love you bikely.com. I hate you bikely.com...

I've discovered a great site that does much of what I've been wanting to do (grumble, grumble....), that is, to make online maps of bike rides, and make them searchable.

The site is called bikely.com and while they seem to be on the right track, there are a few issues I have with them. For starters, I only see a white page when I visit them with Firefox, so I have to open Safari. I think it's a Mac thing - I've had that happen with some sites that use iFrames or Javascript.

You can either upload data from a GPS unit, or draw a map on a Google map. The drawing option snaps to streets, so it makes it really easy. You also get an elevation profile for the route - I love that stuff.

However, sharing the maps isn't easy. When I cut and paste the code they give me to embed the map in my blog, the area where the map should be is white. Now, again, that could be my Mac, or it could be the warning they post about the fact that the code may not work with your blog software. It appears to be Firefox, as this appears fine on Safari.Whatever. Is still pisses me off.

I'd love to show you a list of the maps I've created, but the link they give me is retarded (sorry - but seriously... it is. Go ahead. Click the link.).

You're on the right track bikely, but you could be so much better.

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