08 July 2008


My first post on my blog that started as a BIG idea and ended up as blog...

Sort of. Since this is my first post, it's the beginning of something. Maybe that something will grow into the BIG idea it was intended to be.

I'm currently unemployed and living in Hillsboro, Oregon. I love riding bikes - nothing else can put you in touch with your inner five-year-old like a bike - so I figure I might as well ride as much as possible.

The only problem was, I really couldn't find any good suggested local rides, and/or maps. Hillsboro sits in a valley, and as someone that loves riding hills, I've been looking at the hills in the distance, and pouring over Google Maps of the area.

That brings in another thing I love to do; make online maps. My idea is to make usable bike maps. Show routes that are fun, recreational rides, or safe commuting paths into an urban space. I'll sprinkle in a few photos, and maybe some video.

I wasn't really sure where to start, so I started with a map of a ride I've been playing with in the hills around Hillsboro. I'll blog it later. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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