09 July 2008

The Orgasmatron

... is what I would rename SW Gnos Road to. At the end, it leaves you shaking and wanting more.

It's a 3-mile out-and-back, or, in this case, up-and-down, as it ascends 600 feet in a mile and a half. It's a spur off of the Spring Hill Ride.

The first part of the ride goes straight up out of the farmland, with barely a curve.

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It may look like a field on a satellite picture, but look at the same section of land on a topo map!

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The views as you ascend are spectacular, with views of all the peaks in the Cascades. Another thing you'll notice is the brand new pavement. That's the nice thing about riding up what you'll soon be riding down; you cam scope out your line!

At the top is a commercial nursery, with rows and rows of various trees and plants.

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The road turns to gravel shortly after descending a bit off the top, so I'd recommend turning around at the top, putting your bike into it's lowest gear, and start cranking!

You start at 800 vertical feet and a mile-and-half later, you're at 200 vertical feet, and you'll see why I would rename this particular road.

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