22 July 2008

Sunday family ride

family ride
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Another Sunday, another family ride. This time we rode along the bike trails on the east and west banks of the Willamette from downtown Portland into the Sellwood neighborhood (my new favorite Portland neighborhood. The more I see of PDX, the more I really like the east neighborhoods.) and back again. It was roughly 14 miles, and was highlighted with stops in the Sellwood Park and Grand Central bakery.

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The Eastbank Esplanade and Springwater trail are havens for biker families (and bikers without kids - there just happened to be A LOT of families out riding - and walkers, and rollerbladers... ) out for a Sunday ride. It was so much fun to get out and see everyone enjoying the amazing weather and each others' company.

We were joined by our friends Erica and Phillip. Nikki and Erica went to UNH together and she and Phillip have been in PDX for several years now.

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